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WOW Embossing powder

WOW! Mixed Media Embossing Brush

WOW! Mixed Media Embossing Brush

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Inspired by Seth Apter.....perfect for mixed media lovers.

Think Outside the Pad. My new Mixed Media Embossing Brush from WOW lets you take your embossing to a different place and a new level. This 10ml/0.33oz glass vial is filled with embossing fluid and comes complete with a brush cap. This new tool gives you so many more options than those that can be achieved with a traditional pad only.

Use the brush to paint on your embossing fluid, to mark-make, or to add fluid in small places. Apply thickly and you get a dimensional and uneven look to your melt -- perfect for mixed media lovers. Apply thinly and you can get an even coat for a neater effect. Because the fluid is thick, it is perfect to use with textured powders for an even more textured look and feel. 

Because this is an open vial when the cover is removed, you can also use the fluid without the brush. While my favorite application is dripping the fluid from the top of my artwork to create textural and grungy drips, there are many more techinques as well.

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