Amazon - My Favourites

As a store owner it's impossible for me to stock all the items I love, therefore I share the love with other suppliers, Amazon is a great one as it works with many different suppliers.

Here you’ll find lots of my favourite Amazon purchases that I not only use in my crafting, but ones that I have personally tried and tested and loved. If it's not on here it didn't make the grade !!

These are all genuine purchases made by myself.

From card making to resin products that I use to technical favourites, you'll find them here.

By clicking on a product you will be taken to the Amazon site where you can view and purchase the product/s.

Please note as an Amazon affiliate I will receive a small amount for the referral, this in no way affects your purchase or the price.

Prices can change on Amazon from when I put them on this site, always nice if they go down, fingers crossed for you.

PLEASE NOTE... Products purchased from Amazon will not go towards your free shipping total.

And now for the legal bit !!

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